Our story starts from within us

There were two friends who were learning to look around and tell through pictures what they found enchanting in the world.
Tirelessly in love with sunsets and travels, people and books, the music and the wind, they turned the window of every vehicle into a screen in which 25 moments of celebration of our planet flew.
That’s why they came up with a logo that contained everything: their friendship, their way of looking from the inside out; an atom and the map of Atlantis, a sun and a circular movement of balance.
A logo that has the presumption of being a symbol rather than a brand,
their essence rather than mere aesthetic beauty, a way rather than a thing. Their way. The Atlas Way.

Leonardo e Desirè

Our video workflow

What? How? Why?

These questions lead us to the concept. This is what we need to know in order to find the right way of expressing any message.

We set the goal

We stipulate specific formats for specific targets: each target has its own language.

The storyboard

We get to decide frame by frame what the video is going to be like and how to get there: audio/video gears, set design, actors and locations.


On the set everyone has a fundamental role: the director decides the shots, the director of photography takes care of the lights, the camera operators set up the equipment, the set designer focuses on the aesthetic factor, and the sound engineer records the sounds.


A magic touch: editing, special effects, transitions, colors grading and music for a unique video.

Ready to go!

Your video is ready to be shared on your favorite channels in the formats you want.

Strong Points


We are young and passionate, constantly looking for ideas and suggestions. We love to be inspired by books and cinema, but we realize our ideas with an innovative and personal imprint.


We take care of the realization of the project step by step, from the idea to the post-production of the video. We use cutting-edge cinematic gears: 4k cameras, drones, and light grips. Our prerogative is to guarantee the best.


We have no geographical limits: we can reach any customer in any place. We take part in completely different projects, always guaranteeing the same quality of the contents.


We love to share our knowledge by giving anyone with a creative spirit the opportunity to attend courses that aim at theoretical education and practical training.


Studying with us means getting noticed!
You may have the opportunity to join our team, just give your best!


Our lifestyle? Proudly Green! We care for the earth and celebrate life.
We love and respect our planet, and strongly believe in eco-sustainability. Earth day is everyday!